Yuito Privacy Policy

1. General information about data processing

Yuito DOES NOT collect any usage data.
Yuito stores your data from your instance to local storage. This can be completely removed by uninstalling Yuito from your device.
Yuito DOES NOT send your account information, post details, relationships, and any other data, including local cache, to any location other than the instance you have registered for.
Yuito DOES NOT allow other apps to access locally stored data without your approval.
Yuito DOES NOT contain any closed source and is built with open source. See GitHub for source code.

2. Disclaimer regarding notification handling

You can receive push notifications from Yuito by installing the UnifiedPush distributors.
When you have installed a UnifiedPush distributor on your device, Yuito regards that you have agreed to provide notification data to the distributor’s server.
The distributor’s server CAN see your notification data. Please refer to the distributor’s privacy policy.